What’s CHOMP? We’ve always believed that nerds are sexy. Especially, food nerds out there who want to get down and dirty with the food you know and love. This is just the first in a whole series of intimate tastings/classes/shindigs we’re putting together for hard core food nerds and those wanting to put on some smarty pants. Enjoy these in between our fab cocktails events so we don’t miss you so much and so that we have something interesting to talk about at the next Bitters & Bites, ok? - LOVE, the SLC Bites Crew

It’s the season of snow, puffy coats, and … cheese?  

Some stellar cheese are just as seasonal as that gorgeous summer heirloom tomato. The chilly air means the release of voluptuous, savory, earthy, funky, and everything-in-between flavors. Bold cheese lovers, this is your jam. Cheese novices will have a whole new world of cheese opened up to them.

Get down and dirty with some favorites from American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professtionals (AKA Cheese Nerds) Jess Perrie (Beehive Cheese) and Vanessa Chang (Creminelli Fine Meats) as they explain what creates those unique personalities and how to best enjoy them. Wine dork Jim Santangelo (Wine Academy of Utah) guides you through some unexpected labels for mind-blowing pairings. Rock out with your curds out!

Seating is limited. Meaning, get your tickets now (link below).
January 26th, 2-4p.m.
@ BTG Wine Bar
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